January Highlighted Sales

Here’s some highlights of the sale items this month.

Bagels Forever Inc. bagels 20%off

Balance Bars several flavors 25% off

Brown Cow yogurt 15% off

BioKleen laundry and bac-out 15%off

bulk Turbinado sugar 15%off

Bulk Rolled Thick Oats 15% off

Cafe Altura coffee 25% off

Cherrybrook Kitchen’s gluten-free baking mixes 15%off

Clif:  Luna, ZBar, twisted fruit 15-20% off

Cascadian Farms yogurts 26%off (!!!  WOW !!)

Desert Essence LOTS of products 30% off  (!!)

Earth’s Best Baby food and diapers 15% off

Equal Exchange coffee 15% off

Food for life select breads, buns, pastas 15% off

Field Roast vegan ‘meatloaf’ 15%off

Garden of Eatin’ chips 20%off

Good Earth Herbal Teas 15%off

Glutino pretzels 15-25% off

Goodbelly probiotic drinks 15%off

Imagine Rice and Soy Beverages 20%off

Kettle Chips 20%off

Kind snack bars 15%off

Knudsen juices 15-25%off

Lakewood juice 15%off

Late July crackers 25% off

Lightlife foods Soy meats products 15-20%off

Nature’s Answer supplements 25%off

Nature’s Gate personal care products 25%off

Pacific soups 20%off

Raw Revolution bars 20%off

Rainbow Lite supplements and vitamins 25%off

Rising Moon Raviolis 15%off

So Delicious Non-Dairy yogurt, kefir, milk 15%off

Stahlbush Island Farms frozen fruit and veggies 15%off

Sweet Leaf Stevia 25%off

Tofutti 20%off

Twinlab supplements 20%off

ALSO, Check out the Frontier Sales!


Chewing Gum

I love to chew gum.  It helps keep me from eating sweets when I shouldn’t and it’s just plain fun!  So, when I swore off Aspartame the hunt for a good chewing gum was on.  I have tried several different natural gums and thought I would share my experiences with the buying club.

We first tried the Glee gum, but found that it got stringy and fell apart rather quickly (I like to chew my gum a good long time…).  Next we tried the Peelu gum and it tasted fairly bad and fell apart in about 5 minutes of chewing.  Definitely not worth the money there!  Then I heard about xylitol gums.  Turns out xylitol is good for your teeth (better than fluoride!)  and is a natural sweetener too.  For xylitol containing gums, we have tried Spry, Xylichew, Eco-dent and Dr. Ken’s.  All of these had a good texture and stayed together well.  The Dr. Ken’s flavor didn’t last as long as some of the others, so I don’t buy it anymore.  I like the Spry, but it is not available trough United, Azure or Frontier.  Xylichew and Eco-dent were comparable as far as texture and flavor.  And both last a long time.  So it came down to cost for me.  Eco-dent is cheaper, so it’s what we chew at our house!

I’m telling you all this in case you too have been searching for an all natural, good for you gum to chew!  And this month (November) Frontier has the Eco-dent gum on sale!  And the great thing about Frontier is that you can order just one pack (it comes in a blister pack with pieces that look like the chic-lets you remember as a kid…) of 12 pieces to try it out!  I’m going to be getting a whole case (or maybe two…)

November Sales highlights

Here are some highlights of things on sale this order.  This does not include the extra specials list because I figure you all got that in an email already!

If you all like this kind of post, please let me know and I’ll continue to do it.  I ‘m trying to post things that I know several members would be interested in.  So, if you want to know when certain things are on sale, you can let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for it and post it in the blog for that month.  Just let me know and I can keep a running list of things to post sales about.

So without further ado, here’s the sales highlights:

  • Ener-G has several of their gluten free baked good on sale, 15% off
  • Ener-G also has the tapioca flour, potato starch, and egg replacer on sale for 15% off
  • Dr. Oetker products are on sale from a range of 15-25% off
  • Ghirardelli has lots of their baking chocolate and chips on sale for 30% off
  • Sunspire chocolate chips also on sale 30%
  • Balance bars 25% off
  • Near East cous-cous and grain mixes on sale 15%
  • Alexia, lots of products 15-20% off
  • Annie Chun’s Asian cuisine 15% off
  • Back to Nature cookies and crackers 15% off
  • Barbara’s Bakery Snackanimals (including wheat free) 15% off
  • Blue Sky soda 25% off
  • Boiron some homeopathics 20% off
  • Cafe Altura coffee 30% off
  • Colvita vinegar and olive oil 15% off
  • Cold-Eeze 25% off
  • Crofters jellies 15% off
  • Dessert Essence 25% off
  • Farmer organic pumpkin 15% off
  • Fanfield mixes and soups 15-25% off
  • Food for Life some products 15% off
  • Wholesome sweeteners 15% off
  • Horizon organic dairy 15% off
  • Mother’s cereals 15% off
  • Nature’s Way Umcka 25% off
  • Pure Fun natural candies (great stocking stuffers!!) 15% off
  • Shelton’s turkey 25% off
  • Silk soymilks 15-20% off
  • Tofutti non-dairy alternatives 20% off
  • Twinlab 20% off

Also, don’t forget to check out the Frontier Sales!  https://wholesale.frontiercoop.com/whslpubl/FrontierMonthlySaleCatalog-2009-11.pdf

Highlighted Sales for October Order

Here are a few highlights of what’s on sale this month.  This includes the regular sales, not the ‘extra specials’ our group receives.

Bob’s Red Mill:  15 % off

Green Mountain Gringo (Tortilla strips and Salsa):  18%

Rudi’s Organic Bakery (select organic breads–very yummy!!):  15% off

Stahlbush Island Farms (great veggies and fruits):  30% off!!  Stock up now!

Gluten Free Café (Gluten Free Savory Chicken Pilaf and Homestyle Chicken & Vegetables) :  15% off

Larabar (select varieties):  20% off

Lundberg (couscous and brown rice mix):  25% off

Also, don’t forget to see the Frontier October Sales page at:  https://wholesale.frontiercoop.com/whslpubl/MonthlySaleCatalog.pdf