Important Alert for Gluten Free Individuals!!

There is a new resource for checking out products labeled Gluten Free, a website called Gluten Free Watchdog. Now this is a subscribers only site, you have to subscribe to get the info on products tested (I am not a subscriber and have no links to GFW at this time). Please link over and read about this product line and the specific items that are labeled “Gluten Free” but contain significant portions of gluten.
Click HERE!.


Cooking Traditional Foods

By member Brandi Monson

Have you read Nourishing Traditions yet? That’s the book that started me down my whole traditional foods,/fermented foods journey. It’s very informative and inspiring. But I’ll admit that after I read it, I was a bit overwhelmed at making these sort of changes to our diets.
Cooking traditional style foods can be intimidating to those who are just starting out or who are lacking in the culinary department. Also for moms who are just busy, this style of cooking does take longer. BUT there is help for those of you who feel this is too daunting to take that first step.
There is a blog called Cooking Traditional Foods and right now they are hosting a giveaway for  a free year of Menu Mailers and the Recipe Archive. This is a generous giveaway and a great value! I’ve subscribed to KerryAnn’s menu mailers in the past (and I really need to again!) because she not only makes cooking traditional style fun and easy, she does all the leg work of making out your shopping lists for you. She even gives you reminders about taking out your meats to thaw, or soaking your grains/beans. It’s great for those of us who easily get sidetracked.

The other bonus with these mailers is that KerryAnn always puts in gluten-free, casein-free options with each meal. And for those who don’t eat pork, she offers easy substitutions there too! It’s great!

“CTF has the longest running Traditional Foods Menu Mailer on the internet. KerryAnn Foster, the mailer’s author, has over nine years of traditional foods experience and is a former Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader. Founded in 2005, CTF helps you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. Each mailer contains one soup, five dinners, one breakfast, one dessert and extras. You can learn more about our Menu Mailers at the CTF website. For a free sample Menu Mailer, join our mailing list. You can also join our forum to chat with other traditional foodists and learn more.”

I encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in doing something positive and life changing with their diets to try out CTF menu mailers. Ask for your sample today!

Chewing Gum

I love to chew gum.  It helps keep me from eating sweets when I shouldn’t and it’s just plain fun!  So, when I swore off Aspartame the hunt for a good chewing gum was on.  I have tried several different natural gums and thought I would share my experiences with the buying club.

We first tried the Glee gum, but found that it got stringy and fell apart rather quickly (I like to chew my gum a good long time…).  Next we tried the Peelu gum and it tasted fairly bad and fell apart in about 5 minutes of chewing.  Definitely not worth the money there!  Then I heard about xylitol gums.  Turns out xylitol is good for your teeth (better than fluoride!)  and is a natural sweetener too.  For xylitol containing gums, we have tried Spry, Xylichew, Eco-dent and Dr. Ken’s.  All of these had a good texture and stayed together well.  The Dr. Ken’s flavor didn’t last as long as some of the others, so I don’t buy it anymore.  I like the Spry, but it is not available trough United, Azure or Frontier.  Xylichew and Eco-dent were comparable as far as texture and flavor.  And both last a long time.  So it came down to cost for me.  Eco-dent is cheaper, so it’s what we chew at our house!

I’m telling you all this in case you too have been searching for an all natural, good for you gum to chew!  And this month (November) Frontier has the Eco-dent gum on sale!  And the great thing about Frontier is that you can order just one pack (it comes in a blister pack with pieces that look like the chic-lets you remember as a kid…) of 12 pieces to try it out!  I’m going to be getting a whole case (or maybe two…)

Health & Eco Friendly Beverage Containers

By Brandi Monson

In my quest to avoid plastics, I have opted for reuseable drinking bottles. I don’t like the idea of drinking water that’s been laced with chemicals from platic bottles made from who know’s what sort of petro-chemical by product. Not to mention that one never really knows where the water comes from that’s in these plastic bottles. And then there is the problem of landfill waste. They say that only 2 out of 10 plastic drinking bottles are recycled. Tsk tsk.

I have some large & small glass bottles which are okay as long as we are in the car, but I don’t like to take them out where they can drop and break. I’ve had reusable plastic and poly carbonate bottles as well, but I’ve tried to eliminate these and replace them with stainless along the way. I purchased my first stainless steel bottles when Elizabeth tipped me off to the fact that the Dollar Shop [now closed] had some last year. I found them a bit more convienent than the glass, however, they are too large to fit in the cup holders in the automobile and they are thin walled and sweat terribly.

Recently I ordered the Green Sprouts steel bottles that the buying club carries. These are small, 8 oz,  and great for the kids. They have a cutesy logo on them and really are suitable for children. A green nylon sport spout and cap top them off. I like these and plan to order more. One drawback is that the walls aren’t as sturdy as the KleanKanteen brand, and dent easily when dropped from say 2 1/2 feet high. 🙂

The aforementioned KleanKanteen are what I think of the Cadilliac of stainless steel drinking bottles. I personally do not own any, they are a bit more expensive than other brands. The walls are much thicker and stand up to toddler abuse rather well. Easy to clean and there are a variety of different style caps & sizes to choose from.

Just today I found out about these bottles available from the Fly Lady [the organizational Guru]. I like the idea of a double wall stainless steel bottle that wont sweat plus the handy dandy carrying strap. Two options for drinking, the larger mouth or the smaller spout. The price is nice as well.

Using stainless steel water bottles is just one of the many ways that I try to practice Creation Care. Recycling is great and we do that as well, but what’s better is to reduce waste in the first place.