Club Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Buying Club Coordinator Filled

  • Primary contact person with distributors
  • Ensures that the co-op has written down its membership policies, job descriptions, etc.
  • Stays informed of policies and procedures; keeps members informed
  • Receives phone calls from prospective members
  • Maintains member list; keeps member phone numbers up to date.
  • Schedules and facilitates meetings

Bookkeeper Filled

  • Produces reports for distribution crew
  • Downloads & processes UNFI  invoice information
  • Produces member invoices
  • Reports problems with UNFI delivery to the Claims Department within 5 business days of delivery
  • Tracks down and solves all problems left over from distribution
  • Collects payment from members and credits member’s accounts
  • Issues credits

Jobs Coordinator Filled

  • Makes sure jobs are filled, keeps track of job participation
  • Assigns jobs to new members
  • Trains or facilitates training of new members in co-op jobs
  • · Provides updates as necessary to Club Coordinator

New Member Contact Filled

  • Orients new members to co-op’s policies and procedures
  • Explains ordering procedures
  • Meets new member  at the divide when they place their first order
  • · Checks in on new members for a couple of months to make sure everything’s working

Treasurer Filled

  • Balances checking account
  • Keeps financial records accessible to all members
  • Deposits member checks and writes UNFI/Albert’s checks within one week of delivery.  The checks should be deposited and mailed on the same day so that the member checks are deposited well before the UNFI/Albert’s checks are received by UNFI/Albert’s, to prevent an overdrawn account.
  • Keeps original truck invoices and other paperwork on file as needed

Communications Coordinator Filled

  • Produces blog, schedules, and all member communications
  • Keeps members up to date on co-op concerns, ideas, issues and changes
  • Communicates with local organizations and media on topics of interest to members
  • Encourages public interest

Phone Tree Caller Filled 

  • Calls people to inform of changes in delivery time, etc…
  • Helps to take orders for people without a computer
  • Keeps those without e-mail informed of deadlines, policy changes, etc.

UNFI Order Coordinator Vacant

  • Keeps members updated on order deadlines and UNFI policies
  • Collate members’ orders into one order for the warehouse
  • Places final group order
  • Update membership information as needed

UNFI Building Facilitator Filled

  • Ensures that the building is available and open for dividing order
  • Maintains communication with building owners
  • Ensures that the building is cleaned and locked when leaving

UNFI Distribution Coordinator Filled

UNFI Distribution Assistant (Back Up) Filled

  • Meets truck, supervises unloading truck; does piece count
  • Trains distribution crew
  • troubleshoot delivery problems

UNFI Distribution Crew Openings available

  • Arrives 15 minutes before truck is due to arrive to set up tables and distribute invoices, etc.
  • Unloads the truck
  • Some members specialize in re-pack distribution
  • Distributes the product into each member’s order
  • Checks each member’s product against their order or invoice printout
  • Makes written notes of items missing, out-of-stock or damaged on the order
  • Clean area, put tables back, break down boxes

Unloading/Staging: Filled

Unloading/Sorting: Vacancies

Unloading/Assistant:  Filled

Bulk dividing: Filled

Produce dividing: Vacancies

Vacuum/Clean Up: Filled

Recycling: Filled

UNFI Bag Coordinator Filled

  • Brings clean/unused bags to distribution for dividing
  • Helps in dividing bulk things with bags
  • Collects used bags and cleans them as necessary

Albert’s Produce Coordinator: Filled

  • Maintains Yahoo Database
  • Collate order, places order, reports damaged produce to Albert’s
  • Produces spreadsheet for bookkeeper

Albert’s Group Produce Bag Coordinator: Vacant
(since this job is not filled, currently we do not have produce bags offered, if anyone is interested in filling this position, we could once again offer this convenience!) 

  • Chooses items for group bag
  • Places order on database
  • Provides details to Albert’s Produce Coordinator

Frontier Ordering Coordinator Filled

  • Orders from the Frontier warehouse
  • Receives and sorts the Frontier order
  • Delivers the Frontier order to distribution

UNFI Childcare Coordinator Filled

  • Schedules childcare assistant to provide quality care to club member’s children so that members can work at divide.
  • Childcare is only available for the UNFI delivery at this time.
  • Childcare will be provided by an area teen or young adult with supervision of a Club Member.

Azure Building Facilitator Filled 

  • Ensures that the building is available and open for dividing order
  • Maintains communication with building owners
  • Ensures that the building is cleaned and locked when leaving

Azure Standard Order Coordinator Filled

  • Keeps members updated on order deadlines and Azure policies
  • Facilitates the Azure Delivery

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Updated 9-9-2012
Updated 1-19-2013