About our club

Southeast Kansas Buying Club is a cooperative whose aim is to provide members with high quality natural foods, at a reasonable cost while creating a supportive network. The club depends on everyone’s volunteer efforts to place orders, distribute and help the club run smoothly.

As a cooperative, we pool our resources (time, money and talents) in order to source quality healthy foods at reduced prices. Our main supplier, United Natural Foods, Inc, offers a variety of organic, naturally produced and conventional products. We also use Frontier, which is a wholesale warehouse providing a wide range of spices, kitchen equipment, health & beauty items and much more. Albert’s organics, is a produce provider that ships with our UNFI order. A full range produce and fresh herb source. Azure Standard is another full service grocery provider that our club established delivery through. With a wide range of products and produce, Azure is a great alternative source for your food needs.
Along with these four main suppliers we also engage in group buys throughout the year from various other sources such as: maple syrup, food grade hydrogen peroxide, natural candy, etc. Being a member has it’s benefits!


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