Green Smoothie Challenge Anyone?

Inspired by luscious looking verdigris concoctions I did something that I normally wouldn’t do. I signed up for Young and Raw‘s 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge. It starts today. I am not ready. I am a reluctant green smoothie guzzler.

So convince me. Tell me how good green smoothies are for me. Tell me if they are really going to make me feel better. What benefits am I going to gain? But most of all, tell me that they are really going to taste good!! (please!!)
Talk me into it folks!

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14 thoughts on “Green Smoothie Challenge Anyone?

  1. Go for it, girl! I’m sipping a green smoothie at this very moment! It taste very good: a cup of water (or ice), one banana, one pear, one apple and a bunch of chard (from the co-op yesterday). Oh. yes, I put in some Chia seeds, also from the co-op buy yesterday.
    My first experience with green smoothies was through a challenge like this. I have a long list of health problems, but when I do the smoothies, I feel almost like a kid again, More energy, No aches or pains, No coughing or shortness of breath. Green smoothies are the surest, fastest way to get health improving nutrients into your body. Most of mine have been surprisingly delicious.

    • I noticed your chia seeds yesterday Margaret, and was going to ask you what you did with them (and got sidetracked). That’s nice to know.
      A very compelling testimony for sure!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, Ms. Brandi, I like smoothies partly because I know it’s important to eat my fruits and vegies and to throw a whole bunch into a vitamix and grind them up is the easiest prep I can think of. Plus, I like to drink things so they work for me. I don’t notice vibrant skin,etc. (but do take a look at Rachel!) but I do feel good and energetic most of the time and seldom get sick. And I like the way they taste – but I usually add a sweetened kefir to the mix. I notice that the Young & Raw smoothies have no dairy so I might not like them as well – but it’s just 30 days and a new combo every day – so go for it, girl!!!! Thirty days is nothing. I signed up for the next challenge. Thanks for letting us know about it!

    • Megan, I think you have vibrant skin! 😉 I agree w/you, I think that I would rather drink my veggies. I know from our recent food education series that I am not getting enough fresh fruits and veggies in my diet.
      Okay, you ladies have convinced me. I didn’t have the exact ingredients for the first recipe (since they give you one each day) so I ‘winged’ it and came up with this combo:
      1 green apple, organic (from the divide yesterday)
      1 handful (apx) of Spinach (local, from Mitchell Family Farm)
      1 avocado (organic, from last month’s divide!)
      1 orange (organic, from last month’s divide, this produce lasts a long time!)
      juice of one lemon (again, organic from last month)
      1 cup almond milk
      1 Tbsp honey (local, from MFF)
      Blended well. Wow, this made a whole bunch, so my older kids got to drink it with me!
      Verdict~it was okay… the kids liked it! 😉 I’m not used to the texture. I really need a vitamix so I can have smooth smoothies! But I’m willing to give it a try again tomorrow! Thanks ladies!!

      • Thank you Brandi! Sounds like a good smoothie – and a vitamix is really wonderful for making them actually smooth – perhaps you could find one on Craigslist or ebay. Frozen bananas are always a good addition in my book for making it creamier and sweeter.

  3. Well, I was ready until I saw the recipe for the first smoothie. I generally don’t like 4 of the ingredients. But, they did say to try things even if you are picky. So I’m getting ready to give it a whirl now for lunch. I’ll let you know how it turns out for me. I am prepared to guzzle it all whether I like it or not! I know that it is good for you to have fresh raw veggies! And honestly, I’d rather drink these things than eat them one by one (at least for this first recipe!)

    • Great attitude Elizabeth!! I’m stocking up on the other ingredients that I need to follow the recipes for the rest of the time. I think I put too much honey in this one I made, it was a little on the sweet side. But the spinach flavor wasn’t bad at all.

    • Okay, so I mixed it up and it really wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating it to be! It wasn’t as cold as I would have liked, but it was drinkable. I generally can’t stand celery and thought it would ruin the whole thing for me, but I couldn’t taste it at all! Must be the vitamix blending it up real good! Maybe you’ll win the vitamix they are giving away as part of the challenge! That would be awesome! Anyway, I feel good that I drank it!

      • I don’t like the taste of celery either – by itself, fine, but it dominates almost everything I’ve had it in! I do put it in my smoothies but limit the amount and it seems to blend pretty well. Glad it worked for you!

  4. Hello, my name is Melissa new to the Overland Park, KS area and trying to transition to raw foods. I saw your post about green smoothies and would love to know what concoctions you all come up with. I also would love to be apart of a co op, single student parent with low income. Any feedback is well welcomed.

    • Hi Melissa, we’re glad you here reading our blog and hope that you find some helpful hints too! We are about 2.5-3 hours away from you. I am certain that there are many co-ops to choose from in the Greater KC area. UNFI or Azure may be a good place to start looking, to see if they have a club or drop location near you. If you need more help finding a local club, I’d be happy to help you out, just send an e-mail to me at seksbuyingclub (@)

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