Food Clubs

Across our vast nation, food clubs can be found everywhere, and in various shapes, sizes and styles. I believe that food clubs hail from a bygone era when area families came together to get the work done. Ladies of the community would pool their resources to “put up” the harvest by canning, drying or other preserving methods. The men would do their own work, butchering animals and processing for winter storage. Working together, house by house, to lighten the individual load and catch up on the latest gossip.

Besides our buying club, here are a few examples of other food clubs:

  • Cheese Clubs~ where members gather to sample cheese varieties, or perhaps even make cheeses together in a group setting.
  • Recipe Clubs~Kitchen savvy individuals gather together and concoct various forms of food and share the results (and the recipes)! Sounds tasty!
  • Monthly Food Preparation Clubs~make an entire weeks worth of meals (or more) in one setting. Members share food costs and enjoy company while assembling freezer meals.
Variety of cheeses on serving platter

Variety of cheeses on serving platter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food clubs fill the void left by our commuter lifestyle. We’ve grown away from tight-nit communities into larger metro settings. This is a great way to reclaim some of our agrarian heritage and rediscover the joys of preparing and eating food together!

Southeast Kansas Buying Club
Whole Foods for Less!

Serving Independence, Kansas
and surrounding areas.






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