One of the most important reasons to belong to our buying club-using our volume buying power to get better prices. I would not be able to eat this way (healthier whole foods and organic produce) without the benefit of the buying club. Our organic produce supplier has great prices and I can often find organic produce that costs less or the same as conventionally raised produce in the store. Right now, on our current order database, organic haas avocados are 50 cents each!! FIFTY cents! I can’t get them in the grocery store here for that price. Organic tomatoes, 52 cents each, still a great deal! Three pound bags of Granny Smith Apples for $1.94 a bag, really that’s less than $1.00 per pound for ORGANIC apples!
Belonging to a cooperative where we can pool our resources is the way to go!
Southeast Kansas Buying Club
Whole Foods for Less!!
Serving Independence, Kansas
and surrounding areas.

To Pistachios With Love

The state of food production and flavor creation in the United States is pretty terrifying. When you look at coal tar used for caffeine and the antibiotic laced chickens we are basically poisoning ourselves constantly. Most the information I know about these aspects of the food industry make me want to run away, live in the country, grow my own vegetables and fruits, and raise my own chickens. But there is an issue with the utopian plan, apart from the fact that I have no idea how to grow food or raise it, the damage that all of pesticides and antibiotics have done to the ground could still be contaminating whatever you grow. So what are we supposed to eat?

It seems responsible to buy as much free-range organic food as possible because that should be healthier. The problem is that this is a solution for the wealthy. Probably theā€¦

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