When Will Spring Arrive?

Daffodil blooms from seasons past.

Daffodil blooms from seasons past.

I’ve been trying really hard to avoid catching the fever, but with each passing sunny day, the calendar changing over to February, each new seed and poultry catalog, spring fever is starting to rise. The few really warm days we’ve had recently haven’t made it any easier! I can’t help myself. It’s quite involuntary. Similar to the urge to push in childbirth, it just happens! So does my longing for spring. When the bulbs start to push up their tender green leaves and flower buds, (yes already have some of those poking through the soil), it’s just natural to want spring to get here faster and faster!

This year will be a different one for us. The last two years, we have not had a garden. We let our garden plot lay fallow. I had containers for gardening. We grew tomatoes in pots, plus a couple of pepper plants and herbs. We missed having okra, potatoes and zucchini squash. We missed connecting with the soil. I find myself needing to garden this year. And not simply for the food production, but to get out there and dig in the dirt, to recharge myself.

As I look out my window, and see the dormant grass and trees, the neutral shades of winter I am filled with hope as I know that the bright spring greens are right around the corner. Soon the perky yellow blooms of daffodils will cheer me and the grass will green up. Soon enough the lawn mower will be needed… *sigh*. But that’s life here in the ‘burbs waiting for spring’s new beginnings.

Blessings to you and I hope that you survive spring fever as well!

Sandplum blossoms from previous years

Sandplum blossoms from previous years


One thought on “When Will Spring Arrive?

  1. I have similar feelings Brandi – but I also have some dread as the cozy indoor time of winter gives way to the “working” season.

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