Soul Food Junkies Review

Julia and I attended the viewing of the film Soul Food Junkies last evening at the Labette Community College. The film was an interesting mix of history and culture. It was quite enlightening as to some of the influence that soul food has had on my cooking style, that which was handed down through my Grandmother and other family members. This film would be a great educational resource for Black History Month, coming up in just a few days, as there is much history in the context of slavery and civil rights and how food played a part in these pivotal moments in history. The conclusion of filmmaker Byron Hurt is that indeed, we are a nation of soul food junkies, but we can make some adjustments with healthier food options and still enjoy our “beloved soul food“!

Afterwards, guest speakers such as ourselves, Farmer Josh Mitchell of Mitchell Family Farm, Cherryvale, Ks, and Sheila Simmons of the Parsons Community Garden gave presentations about local food sources, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), growing your own foods, and organic food options. The small yet interested crowd engaged in discussion readily.

Some of the concerns expressed by the audience were: the inability to grow their own food due to time constraints or lack of space, cost of “healthier” food options, & the rising toll on our nation’s health due to poor diet. Many suggestions were made to help address these concerns such as: community gardening spaces, container gardening, acquiring produce from gardening neighbors, and becoming a member of a CSA or buying club.

It was a wonderful evening and I am delighted to have participated!

Southeast Kansas Buying Club
Whole Foods for Less!

Serving Independence, Kansas
and surrounding areas.

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