Photo Credit: Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, with the ID K7252-65

Our favorite and most plentiful fall fruit~apples. We eat a lot of apples in our house, they are my children’s favorite fruit for snacks. Organic apples are our preferred choice and we order them from both UNFI/Albert’s Organics and Azure Standard.

Here’s a few yummy seasonal recipes for your apple supply, from the main dish to the dessert. Perhaps you’ll find a new fall favorite here!

Baked Chicken & Apples
Apples pair well  with many meats, chicken is my favorite.

Healthy “Caramel” Apple Dip
This recipe comes highly recommend by club member Elizabeth M.*

Baked Apple-Cinnamon French Toast 
I love a good stuffed french toast and this one sounds delicious!

Cabbage Salad with Apples and Walnuts
There’s a lot of options for this salad!

A delightful dessert for a cool evening!

Apple braid
A lovely braided bread stuffed with apples. This would make a wonderful hostess gift for your next party!

Baked Apple Shells with Ice Cream & Caramel
A friend* of mine found these little delights on Pinterest. Simple in preparation and beautiful in presentation, try these little gems out next time you host dinner.

I hope that you will try out a few (or all) of these apple recipes this fall. Be sure to let us know how they turned out!! Happy Fall Ya’ll!

*Thanks to Elizabeth and Debra for the inspiration!





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