Fresh Produce

Each month with our UNFI order we place an order to Albert’s Organics. Albert’s ships with our UNFI order so it makes it simple to get quality organic produce for very affordable prices.

A member’s order packed and ready to go.

Every month, about a week before our order,  Albert’s sends out a price sheet on the available produce. Items on this sheet include everything imaginable from fresh herbs to pre-cut produce (think chopped broccoli). Fruits and veggies usually come in large boxes by the pound. Often we can get fruits by the 3 pound bag, in cases of 12. Which makes it super easy to divide! Lemons, oranges, apples and pears often come this way.

Bagged oranges.

Albert’s also has a  “Weekly Hot Sheet” which lists the extra special sale prices on produce for that order. These are the best prices, often coming in equal to or below conventional produce prices (grocery store).
Our members enter their choices of produce on a database to facilitate splitting cases. Once the case is full it’s marked “closed” and another one can be created if there is enough demand for it. If we can’t fill a case, it doesn’t make it onto the order. Sometimes this happens but usually we don’t have any trouble filling cases.

Checking in produce.

When our UNFI delivery is made, the produces comes off the truck and heads over to our produce workers who busy themselves with dividing up this wonderful food! Each member’s order is sorted out and then double checked against their order invoice.

An example of one member’s order. A nice variety!

Having fresh produce is a wonderful bonus to being a member of SEKS Buying Club, but that’s not all! We also have a member who brings their wonderful farm fresh, pastured eggs. These eggs are so delicious, their yolks are a deep dark yellow/orange color. Mitchell Family Farms is the source of these wonderful eggs. In addition, they also have honey!

Eggs and Honey available from Mitchell Family Farms!

There’s just nothing better than local honey!

Another member’s order. Looks like they will be eating well!

Juicing carrots, available in 25# bags, are very popular.According to juicing carrots help to detoxify the liver as well as bringing about better health in general.

Juicing is the fast track to good health. Using organic vegetables for juicing allows you to take in more vegetables at one time than you would by eating raw or cooked vegetables. The concentrated vegetable mass in liquid form is easily assimilated, thus making juicing daily ideal for health problems.

Avocados are one of our most popular items!

We just can’t get enough of avocados! And it’s no wonder, avocados are a nutrient powerhouse!


Asparagus is an excellent “spring tonic” vegetable. In addition to diuretic properties, asparagus contains Vitamin C, A, folic acid, potassium, and rutin.
SEKS Buying Club has so much to offer, we’re almost your one-stop-grocery-shop! If you are in the Independence, KS area and would like more information, check here!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Produce

  1. Great, informative post especially for anyone who might be new to the area and is looking for a source of organic produce. Thanks also for the shout out for Mitchell Family Farm. 🙂

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