No More Grade B???

It seems that a new labeling requirement is going to do away with our ability to buy “Grade B” maple syrup, the Healthy Home Economist reports.

By 2013, new international standards for labeling maple syrup will come into effect with Grade B no longer used.   The new system for categorizing maple syrup is designed with the express purpose of eliminating discrimination against the darker syrup.

As a result, all maple syrup will be labeled Grade A with four identifying colors:  Golden, Amber, Dark, and Very Dark.

With all syrups labeled the same, equality in pricing is the anticipated result.

Sounds like a stock up order may be a good idea! Since this law must be in place by 2013 I suspect that we still a few months to stock up on true Grade B if we so desire.

For a thorough history of Maple Syrup click here.

For information about Maple Syrup in the realm of Politics, click here and here.


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