Brewing My Own Ale (ginger that is)

So I gave the previous recipe a try, and the verdict is~I love it! Very tasty and healthful. I’ve shared the recipe with several people (besides all of you!) and hope that everyone gives it a try.
Fermenting is fun, but it’s usually a bit of work. This recipe is so simple, it doesn’t get any easier folks!
Look closely and you can see the tiny bubbles formed at the top of the jar. ┬áMy third batch which is brewing right now, I’m going to experiment with bottling and leaving out another day in order to increase the carbonation.

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One thought on “Brewing My Own Ale (ginger that is)

  1. Using the raw fresh grated ginger gives this ale a real zing! I prefer it that way and will probably stick to using fresh as long as I have it! Dried will work in a pinch though!

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