Better than Fireworks Raspbery Sorbet

By member Brandi Monson

Old Glory on Independence Day

We celebrated Independence Day with a bonfire and wiener roast. Our family came to our house for the festivities. We had the usual picnic fare: potato salad, pea salad, cole slaw, and all the trimmings. For our dessert, I decided that a frozen concoction was in order, after all, it was hotter than a firecracker and we needed something refreshing! I had 2 pints of  freshly picked & frozen raspberries from Mitchell Family Farms in the freezer, so whatever I made had to include these lovely berries! So I grabbed the trusty ice cream freezer, blender and those raspberries and went to work!

Raspberry Sorbet

2 pints frozen raspberries
1 can frozen apple juice concentrate
1 quart almond milk (you could use only juice, but we liked the creamy texture the almond milk provided)
[I made this in two batches then poured into the ice cream freezer.]

Place 1 pint raspberries, 1/2 can frozen apple juice concentrate and 2 cups almond milk into the blender. Blend until well combined. Pour into the cylinder of your ice cream freezer.
Repeat with remaining ingredients and pour into your freezer.
Load your freezer with the cylinder,  ice and rock salt, then plug it in. Our freezer doesn’t have an automatic shut off, so I just had to monitor it until it froze up enough to drag the motor down. I placed the sorbet into the freezer until we were ready for it.

The verdict…. Delish! Everyone enjoyed it. The raspberry taste was over the top, the flavor I feel was only enhanced by the very fact that I picked them myself (with the help of my daughter) at a local farm, grown the right way!

A quick and simple dessert that everyone will enjoy!


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