Eating Less Meat

We are all feeling the pinch of higher food prices. From potatoes to cheese, the grocery store is hiking prices to recover their own ever-increasing costs.

At our house I try to keep the grocery budget down by a myriad of ways including: meal planing (download a free template here) , shopping sale ads, shopping at discount stores (Such as Save-A-Lot in Coffeyville), and of course buying in bulk. Still the total amount spent on our groceries keeps climbing. Factoring in special dietary needs (wheat-free) and you increase you costs.

One other way I’ve been trying to cut the budget is with us eating less meat. Meat products are by far the costliest at the check-out. Instead of meat being our main course, more and more often it’s becoming a side dish or a flavoring for a vegetable or bean based dish.

Buying meat in bulk is a great way to cut the budget, if you have the money up front and the freezer space. We don’t always have the former even if we have the latter.  Raising you own meat is another way to trim the fat off of the budget.

What cost saving tips do you have to share? Leave a comment & share your secrets!


One thought on “Eating Less Meat

  1. Meat seasoning packets: I buy a 2# Jennie-O turkey ham and finely dice it, I divide up equally into ‘snack’ sized baggies. Place all snack sized baggies into one large freezer bag and place into freezer. When cooking any dish that calls for ham, use one baggie as seasoning.
    I also do this with beef summer sausage for a change of seasoning.
    Try it in eggs, beans, pea salad or in any recipe calling for regular ham.

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