The Gratitude Attitude!

William Arthur Ward expressed it best when he said “feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

Club Coordinator Julia Valentine shares this wonderful perspective on giving audio bouquets.

Flower Bouquets=Gratitude

Flower Bouquets. You may think this has nothing to do with our buying club, but it actually has everything to do with it.  Our Buying Club is an organization that is a (co-op), a cooperative group. We have joined together and work diligently to bring quality food to our homes.  Working side by side brings opportunities of gratitude.

Flowers are a wonderful way to say thank you and touch a person’s heart, especially if unexpected.    Just as words that are full of kindness, encouragement and gratitude.  Words are available to everyone. Spoken words.   Written words.  Words are something everyone can give.  Words can be a beautiful flower or an extensive bouquet.  Large or small, words can be a sweet song to our ears.

It makes me smile when I see the “bouquets” and “songs” on our Yahoo Group.  I am so happy that this group has been in the habit of giving bouquets to each other on a regular basis.  An attitude of gratitude is present in this group and I would like to say Thank you to everyone.

The following post is but one example of the flower bouquets of gratitude by our members.  This was written by Margaret, our New Member Coordinator, and it was such a sweet song, a beautiful bouquet to our members.  Thank you, Margaret.

WOW!  Our produce load is getting larger. I felt like I should have been helping with that. Next time if I can, I will.

I am overflowing with appreciation this morning. Everyone who works the divide does such a great job. Just helping the last two times has made me see how much work goes into getting everyone’s order into its proper little pile (or big pile in some cases).

I used to think what a big job it was just to drive over, pay for and load my orders, take it home, unload it and put it away. All those who work the divide also have to do these things, on top of getting it ready for those like me who just came to pick it up. How much greater my appreciation is now for ‘the club’. Everyone in the club should experience the whole thing from unloading the truck all the way through clean up at least once.

It was a late night for me and I left before ‘it was over’. To those who worked so diligently and those who stayed until everything was back in its place, you are the heroes. Not wanting you to be unsung heroes, I’m singing for you now. You have jobs and families, but still manage to fit in this extra duty every 4 weeks so we can have real food for our tables. I sing to you in gratitude and appreciation. All the preparatory work, the gathering of the orders, consolidating, organizing, ordering, preparing and printing individual invoices, communications to let us know when the trucks will arrive and pick up times, collecting and keeping records of the payments and paying the ‘bills’, keeping track of and washing the cloth bags and repairing and replacing when necessary, making sure the markers and box knives and other necessary paraphernalia get there and are in proper working order, moving tables, vacuuming  (no period because I’m sure that’s not all)

You gals and guys are very much appreciated by me and I want you all to know it. God bless you all.

Thank you!

Margaret G


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