Fermented Lemons

A few months ago the club ordered organic lemons and organic Meyer lemons. I purchased both for a little variety. I have been wanting to try my hand at fermenting lemons. They are a favored ingredient in  Moroccan dishes. My taste buds were introduced to some Moroccan style cuisine through a subscription from Cooking Traditional Foods.

I pulled out my handy copy of Nourishing Traditions and looked up lemons. I had previously looked up some recipes online and there are many to choose from, such as:  Moroccan Preserved Lemons, or this version of Moroccan Preserved Lemons ….. I use a simple glass jar, crock or plastic bucket to ferment in (depending on the quantities) but you could get one of these handy-dandy contraptions to try as well.

I opted to follow the recipe in NT since it was right there in front of me and not in the other room on my computer screen…

So to get started I washed all of my lemons with produce wash and several rinses.


Assembled all the necessary items.

Then I began to slice and quarter the lemons as Fallon directs. Other recipes call for partial quartering and salting the lemons whole, eh, whatever tickles your fancy.

Then I mixed them with salt.

Chopped and salted.

I poured the lemons into a clean quart jar and pounded them down with a mallet, made specifically for beating the dickens out of cabbage. A couple of years ago this guy approached me at farmers’ market asking about making sauerkraut. I shared my recipe and some helpful hints with him, he called me numerous times with questions, he really was quite the novice and yet enthusiastic! It was fun to mentor him in kraut making! His way of saying thanks was to have this handy-dandy mallet designed and milled for me! So very thoughtful! It really does work well!

Packing into the jar.

The finished jar, ready to ferment!

Juicy lemons ready to ferment.


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