Summer Refresher

I know, it’s not that hot yet, but it will be soon. So here’s a yummy little drink I whipped up tonight to quench my thirst. Plus it’s a great way to use up some of those wonderful organic lemons we received last month in our produce bag!

By Member Brandi Monson

Lemon or Lime Ade

For each 16 oz glass you will need:

1 organic lemon or lime

1/4 cup simple syrup


sparkling water or club soda

lemon slice for garnish, optional

Fill glass half full with ice, juice one lemon or lime into glass. Add 1/4 cup simple syrup, fill with club soda, stir, garnish & enjoy.

You could easily dress this up with some strawberry slices and mint.

Simple Syrup

One cup very hot water-almost boiling

one cup local honey, I used Mitchell Family Farm honey. [for vegan, substitute agave nectar for the honey.]

Mix together to make a thin honey syrup for an all natural-no refined sugar drink!

Keep in the fridge.


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