January Highlighted Sales

Here’s some highlights of the sale items this month.

Bagels Forever Inc. bagels 20%off

Balance Bars several flavors 25% off

Brown Cow yogurt 15% off

BioKleen laundry and bac-out 15%off

bulk Turbinado sugar 15%off

Bulk Rolled Thick Oats 15% off

Cafe Altura coffee 25% off

Cherrybrook Kitchen’s gluten-free baking mixes 15%off

Clif:  Luna, ZBar, twisted fruit 15-20% off

Cascadian Farms yogurts 26%off (!!!  WOW !!)

Desert Essence LOTS of products 30% off  (!!)

Earth’s Best Baby food and diapers 15% off

Equal Exchange coffee 15% off

Food for life select breads, buns, pastas 15% off

Field Roast vegan ‘meatloaf’ 15%off

Garden of Eatin’ chips 20%off

Good Earth Herbal Teas 15%off

Glutino pretzels 15-25% off

Goodbelly probiotic drinks 15%off

Imagine Rice and Soy Beverages 20%off

Kettle Chips 20%off

Kind snack bars 15%off

Knudsen juices 15-25%off

Lakewood juice 15%off

Late July crackers 25% off

Lightlife foods Soy meats products 15-20%off

Nature’s Answer supplements 25%off

Nature’s Gate personal care products 25%off

Pacific soups 20%off

Raw Revolution bars 20%off

Rainbow Lite supplements and vitamins 25%off

Rising Moon Raviolis 15%off

So Delicious Non-Dairy yogurt, kefir, milk 15%off

Stahlbush Island Farms frozen fruit and veggies 15%off

Sweet Leaf Stevia 25%off

Tofutti 20%off

Twinlab supplements 20%off

ALSO, Check out the Frontier Sales!



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