December Sales Highlights

A little late, but you know the saying–better late than never!  Here are some highlighted sales for December.

Endangered Species chocolate bars  20% off!  Great Stocking Stuffers!!

Divine Chocolate bars  15%off

Yummy Earth candies 15-30% off

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and Liquid Aminos 15% off

Snopak Cranberries 20% off

BioKleen lots of products 15% off

Avalon Shampoos, conditioners and lotions 15% off

Some Seventh Generation products 15% off

Kiss my Face moisturizers 20% off

Dr. Bronner’s Bar soaps 25% off

Better Than Bullion broth bases 15% off

Pacific’s organic soups 15% off

Maranatha Almond butter (raw and roasted) 15% off

Bach flower essences 25% off

Humphrey’s homeopathics (lactose free!!) 25% off

Hyland’s homeopathics 25% off

Rainbow Lite vitamins 25% off

Bumble bars 15% off


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