Chewing Gum

I love to chew gum.  It helps keep me from eating sweets when I shouldn’t and it’s just plain fun!  So, when I swore off Aspartame the hunt for a good chewing gum was on.  I have tried several different natural gums and thought I would share my experiences with the buying club.

We first tried the Glee gum, but found that it got stringy and fell apart rather quickly (I like to chew my gum a good long time…).  Next we tried the Peelu gum and it tasted fairly bad and fell apart in about 5 minutes of chewing.  Definitely not worth the money there!  Then I heard about xylitol gums.  Turns out xylitol is good for your teeth (better than fluoride!)  and is a natural sweetener too.  For xylitol containing gums, we have tried Spry, Xylichew, Eco-dent and Dr. Ken’s.  All of these had a good texture and stayed together well.  The Dr. Ken’s flavor didn’t last as long as some of the others, so I don’t buy it anymore.  I like the Spry, but it is not available trough United, Azure or Frontier.  Xylichew and Eco-dent were comparable as far as texture and flavor.  And both last a long time.  So it came down to cost for me.  Eco-dent is cheaper, so it’s what we chew at our house!

I’m telling you all this in case you too have been searching for an all natural, good for you gum to chew!  And this month (November) Frontier has the Eco-dent gum on sale!  And the great thing about Frontier is that you can order just one pack (it comes in a blister pack with pieces that look like the chic-lets you remember as a kid…) of 12 pieces to try it out!  I’m going to be getting a whole case (or maybe two…)


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