Natural and Organic Candy and Treats for Halloween

Several of our members need to avoid certain ingredients for various reasons (allergies, personal choice).  So, what to do for the kids when you need some candy?  Or what if you are looking for a healthier way to have a ‘treat’?  There are several options available online.  One of my favorites is

There are lots of options for candy and treats and their prices are decent.  All the candy is coded based on ingredients, so you can quickly find what you need.  Whether it be dairy free, soy free, wheat free, etc… you can narrow down the choices for your particular needs.

Our group has ordered together in the past to save on shipping.  If you want to do this again, just let Elizabeth know and we can put together an order in time for Halloween!

I’ve been wondering what to do about my youngest daughter and Halloween.  In the past we have taken the older child trick-or-treating around the neighborhood; and while we are Vegan, I have been lenient with the Halloween candy.  Well, now that we know that the youngest has a dairy allergy, I can’t be lenient with her anymore.  So, what to do….well, I found this idea online:  the Pumpkin fairy!!  The pumpkin fairy takes ‘allergy’ candy and replaces it with a toy, stickers, or an allergy free treat.  With the pumpkin fairy, we can still go trick-or-treating, and she won’t miss out, but also won’t have any dairy candy.  I can even make her treats (can you say yummy brownies??) instead of spending extra money on candy.

Here are some ideas if you want to hand out a more natural or healthy thing to the trick-or-treaters that come to your door.

1) Hand out fresh fruit (apples would be good—you could even include some caramels so they can have a version of the perennial favorite caramel apple!)

2) Hand out stickers or small toys (think dollar store stuff)

3) Play Doh makes Halloween size packs of the fun stuff!

4) Hand out small packs of crayons or small activity books.

Other links to natural or allergy free candies/treats:

Check out the Yummy Earth Candies in the Frontier catalog on page 261. Yummy Earth’s Website Pure Fun Candies List of allergens in candy to do instead of candy on Halloween Allergen Free Chocolates Nut Free Chocolates


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