Highlighted Sales for October Order

Here are a few highlights of what’s on sale this month.  This includes the regular sales, not the ‘extra specials’ our group receives.

Bob’s Red Mill:  15 % off

Green Mountain Gringo (Tortilla strips and Salsa):  18%

Rudi’s Organic Bakery (select organic breads–very yummy!!):  15% off

Stahlbush Island Farms (great veggies and fruits):  30% off!!  Stock up now!

Gluten Free Café (Gluten Free Savory Chicken Pilaf and Homestyle Chicken & Vegetables) :  15% off

Larabar (select varieties):  20% off

Lundberg (couscous and brown rice mix):  25% off

Also, don’t forget to see the Frontier October Sales page at:  https://wholesale.frontiercoop.com/whslpubl/MonthlySaleCatalog.pdf


2 thoughts on “Highlighted Sales for October Order

  1. Wow great sale on Stahlbush! We should certainly load up on frozen veggies this time around! Thanks for posting Elizabeth. 🙂

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