What to do with Club Trash?

By Brandi Monson

We all know that buying in bulk helps us to cut back on household waste products like paper and plastic bags, etc. But what about all the trash generated from the bulk order itself?

Having stayed for divide this time, I noticed the pile of boxes, shipping peanuts, packing paper and plastic waste that is generated from our divide. There was a bit of a pile of boxes. đŸ˜‰ Plus we had Frontier as well, which utilizes packing peanuts, plastic shipping bags and of course nice large cardboard boxes.

Usually we just place this trash in the dumpster at our divide location. Which means we are getting a service that we don’t pay for. Now this may or may not be an issue, I just would like to be a blessing to our members and the generous folks that allow us to use their building. For without a building we would have no club.

I was thinking that there might be another alternative, at least we could reduce the amount of trash that we would need to place in the dumpster. We could utilize the recycling center, on 3rd of the month Saturdays. The cardboard boxes are accepted and this is the bulk of the waste.  We could even have the option of making this a job if we get to the point that we need another job with the growing membership. Another option is that members could re-use these boxes at home, which I know that some already do.

This time, I took the boxes & packing peanuts home. Frontier uses compostable packing peanuts so I just placed them in our compost pile. I plan to take the boxes that I don’t need to use, to the recycling center tomorrow as well. This greatly reduced the amount of trash that had to be disposed of. There were a few plastic shipping bags plus strapping tape waste and some packing paper. I was pleased that we could reduce the amount so much, I’d say by 75% at least for this divide.

Just another way that our little club can make a difference to our city. Share your thoughts?


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