Bithell Farms Spring Fruit & Seafood Delivery

By Member Brandi Monson

Once again it’s time to order from Bithell Farms. The spring delivery includes seafood along with the usual fruits. These items are Individual Quick Frozen [IQF] and come in 14# boxes for the fruit and various sizes for the seafood. If you’ve never ordered before and need more information, please plan on attending the new member orientation to be held Thurs, Jan 22 during the divide time. I will be handing out order forms at this time as well.

Prepaid orders due to me by Friday, Feb 20, 2009. Please include your name, contact information and the desired fruit, if you are splitting w/another person; also please indicate if you are splitting w/someone else, along with your payment.

Fruit and Prices

Marion Blackberries $37.00; Red Raspberries $49.00; Boysenberries $37.00; Blueberries $39.00; Strawberries-sliced w/sugar $31.00 Bucket; Strawberries whole w/out sugar $37.00; Loganberries $37.00; Red Pie Cherries $37.00; Dark Sweet Cherries $39.00; Peaches-sliced $37.00; Apricot halves $37.00; Apples-peeled & sliced $31.00; Red Rhubarb $31.00; Cranberries $47.00.


Fish Fillets, thick Pollock 5# $22.00; Fish Fillets, Pollock 10# $25.00; Fish Boneless Battered Wedges 10# $39.00; Four Halibut Fillets 1.5# $19.00; Lobster Tails, 3 per pkg 3-4 oz avg wt $14.00; Oysters breaded 2.5# $16.00; Wild salmon whole dressed 3-4# $15.00; Wild salmon fillets 4 ct 1.5# $12.00; Wild salmon smoked apx 1# $14.00; Sole stuffed w/crab, shrimp & cheese 4pc. $15.00; Shrimp 5# cooked $28.00; Shrimp Med IQF uncooked $19.00; Shrimp breaded 3# $25.00; Crab Chunks [imitation] 3# $9.00; Mahi Mahi fillets 4, 6oz $12.00; Steamer clams in shell 3# $12.00; Mussels in shell 3# $12.00.

Berry Purees

Purees are the fruit pulp; seeds removed ready for jelly/jam making; and come in 14# Buckets. Marion Blackberry $37.00; Red Raspberry $49.00; Boysenberry $37.00; Strawberry $37.00; and Loganberry $37.00

Freezer Jam

Case pack, 12 one pound containers, all the same variety. 12/16oz $38.00 per case

Gift pack six different berry freezer jams, 10oz ea. 6/10oz $21.00 per pack

Berry varieties: Blackberry, Raspberry, Boysenberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Loganberry.

Bithell Farms in NOT organic, however they have reassured me that they try to use as little pesticide as possible in their production. This is quality fruit and great pricing. We order twice annually, Feb and June. Seafood is only available in the spring. It is not locally harvested however but comes straight off the shipping docks to Bithell Farms.

Club members receive the following discounts:

$2.00 per box on the IQF fruit, fruit purees and freezer jams. There is no additional discount on the seafood. Please subtract this from the above listed price to find your net price. Non-club members pay the full price, unless you have ordered previously, then you qualify for the discount as well.

If you are interested in splitting boxes with someone, please use our yahoo group to discuss this option. It has worked well in the past and is a great way to double up on your selection. Splitting is the responsibility of those interested members and will not be done by the club.

Remember, delivery will be sometime in late March to April and you must be able to pick up your fruit and/or seafood when the truck arrives. There is no place to store your items and they will perish if left out. I will notify those ordering of the delivery time and location as soon as I am notified. Thanks to all!


One thought on “Bithell Farms Spring Fruit & Seafood Delivery

  1. I placed the fruit order, we ended up w/11 boxes of fruit and one box of seafood, which qualified us for the discount! YES!! Thanks to all who participated again this season. Next oder comes in June.

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