Citrus From Local Harvest

Recently several members joined together to order oranges and grapefruit through Local Harvest.  Select farms were offereing special discounts and/or free shipping for the month of December.

Local Harvest is a great resource when you are looking for produce, farmer’s markets, CSAs, even resturants that serve local foods. The number of listings and types of products found there are amazing. It’s a great place to find gift items as well! Perfect for holiday gift giving.


2 thoughts on “Citrus From Local Harvest

  1. Last evening I received the first of two boxes of citrus we ordered from Local Harvest. The grapefruit arrived. We ordered 1/2 bushel which turns out to be apx 21 pounds. There are 22 grapefruit in the box and each weighs right at one pound, give or take a couple ounces.
    The children had to sample some right away of course. I was pleasantly surprised since I’ve never tasted “Indian River” grapefruit before. The peel is a light yellow color, some even bearing a green tinge [the orange shop assures that this is perfectly normal and signifies a warmer winter, not under-ripeness]. The flesh was a dark pink, not as dark as Ruby Red, but close. The flavor it wonderful. They are slightly less sweet than a ruby red but still very good and the kids loved them. They are my best indicators of the level of sweetness you know! lol
    I can’t wait to get the oranges now!

  2. The oranges arrived last Saturday and they are very good as well. I think that in the last 2 1/2 days we’ve ate 1/4 or our share! lol They came in various sizes, small to X-large, are easy to peel and of course taste great.

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