Stress Relief

Reprinted from Divide & Conquer Newsleter Vol 1 Issue 3, Brandi Monson author.

We all experience stress at some time during the day. A little stress is a good thing. With the absence of all stress one would surely die. Some of us however, wish that we had a little less of it in our lives.

What are some great stress relievers that work? I’ll review a few here. Laughter does wonders for the heart. Nothing beats a stress filled moment like laughing right out loud. A merry heart does good like medicine!

Another is rest, adequate rest that is. One needs restful sleep to be prepared to face the daily stressors of life. Each of our needs are different too. Jordin Rubin in his best selling “The Maker’s Diet” states that what sleep you get before midnight is equal to twice as much after midnight. Going to bed by 10:30 is ideal. I have tested this theory and believe it to be true.

Another stress beater is aromatherapy. Lavender is a well know relaxer. Peppermint is a mental pick-me-up, as is Rosemary. Find a scent that you like and place it around the house and car for a little oasis’ of scent and stress busters!

Meditation or pondering is also a great way to give stress the boot. Meditating on Scripture, especially those concerning a heavy heart or ‘cares’ are great places to start. Or simply taking a few moments to find a quiet place and practicing some deep breathing techniques. This isn’t always easy if you have ‘little’s’ in the house! I have found that most things worthwhile in life aren’t easy but require some kind of sacrifice to achieve.

I hope that you don’t find yourself ‘stressed out’. With the holidays approaching, we can often find ourselves overwhelmed and generally over-stressed. Just remember to keep your focus on the important things in life and all of the other ‘stuff’ will take care of itself.

I wish you the best of Autumn, a Happy Thanksgiving and with winter approaching, Season’s Greetings.                                       


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